Cycling Practise

Are you nervous on a bike? You are not alone, we regularly hear the following:

  • I haven’t cycled for years and want to practise
  • I want to cycle with my kids but don’t feel confident
  • I haven’t cycled since I was a child
  • I haven’t got a bike but I’d like to try

We run a “get back on a bike” scheme, providing bikes in quiet places for you to practise and build your confidence.

Group Confidence Builders

Meet Marble Hill Tennis Courts
Winter Warmers and discuss your aims and successes
Marble Hill Park +/- River Thames cycle depending on ability

£20 pp inc bike, helmet + winter warmers
Get 4 people and pay just £15 each.

NOTE-This is not for new cyclists who have never ridden before we recommend they attend a cycle training scheme 1st available from their local council. We do have adult stabilisers if you would like private cycle practise using these.

Private Cycle Practice Available*

£30 2 hours bike hire and confidence builder
1 hr Confidence builder and skills lesson
Tea picnic break to discuss your achievements and aims
1 hr bike practice or small cycle ride depending on ability

Confidence Builders

*We can supply our bikes within a 5 mile area of TW2 eg Old Deer Park, Bushy Park, Richmond Park + Marble Hill Park

We’ll help with advice on which bike to buy so you can bring it for a FREE TOUR!

A day out with a nervous cycler

“I had not been on a bike for over 30 years so I was very worried about riding one in a public area. I explained my concerns and Ginette took me to a little park for a practice ride, explained how it all worked. It turned out I wasn’t quite as bad as I thought!  We were there for half an hour and it really put me at ease.  I was enjoying it so much that I ended up doing the Richmond Park Ride which was fantastic.  I had a brilliant time and felt really proud of myself as well.”

Montse ex-nervous rider from Barcelona.

cycle practise


I’m not confident on roads, which tour is best for me?

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