Syon House

Visit Syon House by bike

Visit the 16th Century stately home Syon House by bike on our full day Ale Tasting Bike Tour, enjoy our afternoon tea picnic in the grounds of Syon Park.

Offered Tuesdays March-November or request a day of choice.

£45 inc full day bike hire + tea picnic

 Syon House

The beautiful 16th Century Syon House on our bike tour

The garden centre situated around the old stables, the first of it’s kind, opened 1968 by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother is a nice stop for unusual gifts before our picnic.

Syon Garden Centre

More on Syon House

On the site of Syon House was a 15th Century monastery of the Bridgettine Order named Syon Abbey, however dissolved under King Henry VIII it became crown property and the present Syon House was built.

Passing to the Northumberland family, it has been in their posession for over 400 years with various royal connections. Katherine Howard 5th wife of Henry VIII was emprisoned here before being put to death. After death, Henrys body spent a night here on route to Windsor, fluid from his bloated body seeped from the coffin and lapped up by a nearby dog.

In the 19th C a suite was built for Princess Victoria (later to become Queen), who was governed by the Duchess here.

The Observatory, the first of it’s kind in 1830, built of iron and glass inspired Joseph Paxton to build Crystal Palace. Housing the many unique plants from countries in Asia it’s a beautiful structure and rivals those at Kew Gardens.

Syon Observatory

The gardens were landscaped by reknowned Lancelot Capibility Brown like Kew Gardens over the river.

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