British pub signs are iconic and unique to the rest of the world

Torre del Greco The British pub sign is a work of art having been hand drawn by highly skilled artists on wooden boards. The invading Romans brought the idea of the pub sign to Britain ,the first recognisable pubs opened centuries later, the first true inns being religious houses catering for pilgrims and knights on their way to the Crusades in the Holy Land.

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When monasteries were dissolved in the 16th Century under Henry VIII, some of the names denoting religious connections survived, such as the Mitre, the Ship (symbolising the Ark) and the Anchor (the Christian faith). However, many of the landlords hastily adopted titles relating to the monarchy like the King’s Head or the Crown to show their allegiance to the crown.

Heraldry has been a recurrent theme, and anyone who caught the public imagination was likely to be immortalised such as Lord Nelson or Wellington and even loveable rogues like Dick Turpin get a mention. Sporting pastimes were often depicted such as bear and bull baiting, hunting,cock fighting and falconry, and nowadays cricket and angling is more common.

All our rides take in a local pub serving good home cooked “pub grub” like Shepherd’s Pie, Toad in the hole, fish and chips or the must try if in Britain on a Sunday-roast dinner!

Come and experience one of our lovely old pubs for yourself!