buy ivermectin 3 mg Eel Pie Island gets its’ name from the local delicacy made in this area in the 16th Century, the first of the season being sent to Hampton Court Palace for the royals to taste! A lady had a shop on Eel Pie Island selling her pies to the Victorians stopping here by boat

Eel Pie Island by bike

buy Lyrica tablets The yearly draw off means there are 2 ways to get to the island!

900 mg neurontin In the 19th Century Eel Pie Island was a hot spot for wealthy Victorians travelling on local steamers to Hampton Court Palace. Mentioned in Charles Dickens Nicholas Nikelby “Morleena Kenwigs travels to Eel Pie Island by steamer from Westminster Bridge to make merry upon a cold collation, bottled-beer, shrub and shrimps and to dance to the music of a locomotive band”

On a Bank Holiday in 1898 10,000 visitors were recorded. The Twickenham Hotel was an attraction holding dances and music from the the big bands right through the 1920’s and 1940’s. In the 1960’s newcomers The Rolling Stones playing here, 1969 Hawkwind and Black Sabbath too before it briefly became Colonel Barefoots Rock Garden then a hippy commune and then burning down.

Now it is a private island inhabited by local artists who have their studios there, these are opened to the public twice a year to visit and buy items.

The Eel Pie Island Museum

Celebrating the music on Eel Pie Island, the museum is currently looking for a perminant home.

Eel pie island by bike

Visit the Eel Pie Museum on our Royal Deer Park Bike Tour

Pass Eel Pie Island onRoyal Deer Park Bike Tour offered Wednesdays March-October or a day of choice on request. Visit the island on our full day ride (4 people minimum) after enjoying the local ferry across to Twickenham.

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