Enjoy a fancy dressed bike tour theme for your party mainly involving silly wigs, facial hair, head gear + face paint (all suitable for cycling of course!). Book your ride and book your character too-we’ll complete the look at the start of the ride! Hire or buy your accessories from us or bring your own.

obliviously Naughtie 40’s Bike Tour– Gangster or glamour?

Fancy Dressed Bike Tours

http://annedickson.co.uk/talking-points/the-price-women-pay/?unapproved=365 Gangster – hat, pencil moustache, white tie, inflatable gun(strapped on your back) buy neurontin for pets Glamorous Moll – black wig, beads, net gloves, hair band.

Action Movie Tour– Gangster V Rambo

Fancy Dressed Bike Tours

Rambo– camouflage headscarf, mud face paint, bullet belt, inflatable machine gun on shoulder strap. Gangster-hat, pencil moustache, white tie, inflatable tommy gun with shoulder strap

80’s Neon Bike Tour– Neon, Neon or more Neon?

Fancy Dressed Bike Tours

Tutu, wig, tie or beads and leg warmers for all!

Wild Western Bike Tour– Cowboy, Cowgirl or Indian?

Fancy Dressed Bike Tours

Cowboy– hat scarf, gun and holster. Indian– wig, headband/feather, face paint, bow and arrow (strapped on your back)

Snow White + the 7 Dwarves

Fancy Dressed Bike Tours

Felt hat, white beard, doc glasses, plastic spade with shoulder strap, painted rosy cheeks and red nose

Fancy Dressed Bike Tours

Not sure the security guard was that impressed!

Punk + Rock Bike Tour– Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS?

Wig, painted face, glasses, inflatable guitar with shoulder strap- you just need to wear black!

Hippie Bike Tour– hippie, hippie or hippie?

Hippy wig, glasses, groovy headscarf, peace medallion- you just need to wear a groovy top!

Traditional afternoon tea picnic with music from the era, games and fun…extra food/drinks provided if required. Book a Treasure Hunt Bike Ride en route maybe?

Wimbledon Tennis Bike Ride- Will you be John McEnroe or Bjorn Borg? 2019 Date TBA

Tennis whites a must! A fun bike ride treasure hunt from Richmond to Twickenham, whisper “you cannot be serious” to get your clue- but do it quietly to beat your rival team……we’ll finish with our own Wimbledon Tennis round robin tournament at Lebannon Court Tennis Courts in Twickenham-racquets supplied.

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