purchase Ivermectin This 17th Century stately home is unique as it is one of the few remaining examples of 17th Century fashion. You can see Ham House by bike after cycling Richmond Park the largest Royal Park of London.

dispensatorily You pass Ham House on our Royal Deer Park Bike Tour  (visit on a half day tour if you wish) and our Hampton Court Palace Bike Tour.

Ham House by bike

Enjoy our Royal Deer Park Bike Tour  offered Wednesdays and Fridays or a day on request, visit Ham House by bike.

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Granted to William Murrey in 1610, the former “whipping boy” of King Charles I, went in exile during the English Civil War leaving his daughter looking after the house. She protected the house and contents from Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentary army and many rooms remain unchanged since 1670s.

Magnificient tapestries, art works and the “green closet” contains the largest collection of miniature paintings held by one family in one place.

Owned by The National Trust, the gardens have been restored to their former glory and is a peaceful setting as is the cafe garden at “The Orangery”


Ham House on film

This grand house has been used for various film and tv locations :

Jane Austins Sense and Sensibility 2008 tv mini series
Kensington Palace in the 2009 film The Young Victoria
Hailsham Boarding School in Never Let Me Go starring Keira Knightley in 2010
Russia in the 2012 film Anna Karenina
The gardeners house in A little Chaos with Alan Rickman + Kate Winslet

Ham House By Bike