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A weekend of cycling and beer Belgium 2 things I loved about Belgium were that they are bike mad….everyone cycles everywhere and beer is BIG! Actually there’s 3 things…the waffles aren’t bad either! As for the beer….we knew Belgium had great beers but we didn’t really realise quite how many…. Gent is beautiful and our...
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在中国的翻译,如果需要的话,我们可以提供我们的伦敦自行车之旅! 你是否担心你的英语和不理解的旅行团或导游吗? 我们可以提供中文导游,所以才取得联系,这将是很遗憾的错过了有趣的自行车之旅! 您可以选择我们的4游览: Jester的啤酒酒吧骑 沿旧零件在伦敦西南部泰晤士河的一个历史悠久的引导自行车之旅。 我们将过河的4倍,听到的故事,因为我们去的酿造啤酒,在伦敦,我们去享受老的酒吧和房屋。 后ALE采样会话和传统的下午茶野餐*自制的蛋糕,你会很高兴你来了。 御鹿公园换乘 一个历史悠久的引导在里士满和特威克纳姆地区的自行车之旅。 我们将听到的故事,这些城镇银行的泰晤士河上的英语和法语的特许权使用费的链接。 ,在看到烈治文山Vista的美景之后,我们会采取参观里士满公园,在伦敦最大的皇家公园。 这曾经是皇家狩猎场,我们已经被授予的权限来运行我们的旅游团,听到的故事,看到鹿生活在这里的数百名。 轮渡之旅和传统的下午茶野餐*是一个伟大的方式结束这一天。 亨利国王的宫殿河乘坐 一个历史悠久的引导自行车之旅沿着泰晤士河到汉普顿宫国王亨利八世和他的众多妻子回家。 我们可以让你有时间的宫殿参观,午餐后或继续,我们看到,我们也有权限来运行我们的旅游。有鹿住在这里,也让我们看到作为其他附近的皇家公园我们听到的故事,这一次的狩猎场。 我们将帮助提供住宿,随身携带的行李,而骑自行车,并提供给您选择的酒店。 这样,您将享受我们的传统下午茶野餐*的皇家公园和很好的汉普顿宫(Hampton Court Palace)位于访问的第二天,在自己的时间。 皇后坐城堡国家 这是我们最长的骑在33公里沿着泰晤士河从汉普顿宫(Hampton Court Palace)的温莎。 留在汉普顿宫(Hampton Court),并参观宫殿,然后乘车前往温莎,第二天,这是一个伟大的方式到达,我们会帮助安排住宿,将您的行李。 参观皇家农场商店,并完成与传统的下午茶野餐*自制的蛋糕,忽略了温莎城堡。 然后,您将免费享受镇,温莎城堡和伊顿公学的大学区,在自己的时间,第二天。 一组在一起,我们可以提供很大的折扣,或可能采取1,2,3或4乘坐的折扣! 他们都连接起来,可以采取与天停留在这两者之间汉普顿宫及周边地区的访问。 我们取得联系并为您的团队,我们将安排一个伟大的旅游。 *从十一月至三月由于日照时间更短,我们的旅游更短,所以比较便宜,而不是我们的下午茶野餐,我们将竭诚为途中的热葡萄酒和肉馅饼。 info@merrypedallerbiketours.co.uk
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Richmond Park Bike Tour 9/09/2012 Today was a special Richmond Park Bike Tour as we had my brother and his wife as our guests who were over from NZ. Our Royal Deer Park Ride is a Richmond Park Bike Tour including the beautiful riverside and ferry to Twickenham with it’s many historic houses. After our...
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We were really excited about London 2012.  The biking events were going to run right through our local area and The Olympic Bike Time Trials went through Twickenham and Richmond. All the roads in the area  were sectioned off by police….luckily it was a Sunday and most of the locals were more interested in watching than driving anywhere....
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Croquet on a birthday bike tour
Birthday beer tasting bike ride 2012 our 1st year of bike tours we run a birthday beer tasting bike ride for some guests. The weather was amazing and great views along the River Thames. Ale tasting at The Botanist, a view across the river of Syon House, croquet and afternoon tea on Richmond Green to...
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Olympic Road Race in Richmond Park
28/7/2012 Today we enjoyed running an Olympic Road Race Bike Tour for our guests, seeing the professional cyclists pass us twice! An early start before the road closures to deliver the bikes to Twickenham Station and then home to cook 11 bacon sandwiches! Didn’t quick take into account quite how long it would take but...
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Track World Cycling Velodrome London Visiting the Olympic Village before the Olympics at the Track World Cycling Velodrome London. Walking into the Velodrome we were overcome by firstly the heat.. a sultry 27 degrees is maintained to help the athletes, and the sight of the track really had the WOW factor! We were seated at...
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