London Fullers Brewery Bike Tour

London Fullers Brewery Bike Tour

Use our bikes for our London Fullers Brewery Bike Tour, cycle the University Boat Race Route of the River Thames and pass the oldest London brewery, makers of our famous London Pride.

Enjoy our “shot of ales” taster session at the Fullers pub The Mawson Arms next to the brewery on weekdays and at The George and Devonshire on weekends, try the ales unique to Britain before checking out the brewery shop*.

This ride finishes at Kew Botanic Gardens for a visit if you wish (or Kew Bridge Train Station return).

Dates On request:
£140 1-4 people/£180 Private 1-4 people
£35 per extra person

Contact Us to request a tour.

London Fullers Brewery Bike Tour

Pass the Fullers Brewery of London, brewers of famous London Pride ale.

London Fullers Brewery Bike Tour

Visit the brewery shop and taste famous Fullers beer on our Ale Tasting Bike Tour

Malthouses and Breweries were a common feature along the River Thames in Chiswick as early as the 13th Century, water being one of the main ingredients was in ready supply, the resulting ale being drunk by local workers or transported along the river to the pubs in London.

London Fullers Brewery Bike Tour

Taste shots of ales including famous London Pride on your ride

London Fullers Brewery Bike TourLondon Fullers Brewery Bike Tour

We can offer to transport any purchases to your hotel destination.

Unfortunately there is no time to visit the brewery but we recommend you return for the Fullers Brewery Tour

*Fullers Brewery Shop is closed on Sundays.

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