London bike tours 2013 Our 2nd year of Merry Pedalling’s-pietenpol-featured-in-sport-aviation/trackback Royal Parks, Ale Tasting, Hampton Court Palace + Windsor Castle, afternoon tea picnic provided in summer, half day rides in winter with mulled wine, tea and coffee en route provided. Click to view client’s review about super fast broadband, and decide whether to avail our best broadband deals or not. Easter Bike Tours 2013A lovely view over the Long WaterA little trip on Hammertons Ferry over to Twickenham- always a highlight!Those kebabs from Kingston Market were amazing and what a location!As the sun came out  we nabbed a quick group photo by the Richmond Riverside.After repairing a puncture and eating our takeaways under a tree sheltering from a shower the sun came out again just in time for a photo of the fountain.Mmmm a well deserved picnic!Only just enough cakes to go round this hungry group!Lovely shot in the sunshine- no time for the Garden Centre today unfortunately in too much of a rush for the tea and cakes!A welcome sit down after those steps in the Brentford Bronx!An enjoyable cycle along the River Thames to Hampton Court Palace in time for a tour!A stop by the riverside to look at Eel Pie Island.....more boat building than music making these days!The sun even managed to come out for the fountains in Home ParkAfternoon set up on my own today but everyone helped which was great.Heading off along the River Thames from Richmond for our Hampton Court Palace Bike TourI was so tempted to put the uncropped version here (with finger!) - we had such a laugh at the guy trying to take this picture...modern technology!Just as we were finishing our lunch the fountains erupted!Lots of Fallow Deer were seeking this shady spot!A good morning putting the world to rights with my Oklahoma friendsOur lunch spot is a cooling spot!The Gunaras on our walk through Woodland Gardens are positively Jurassic after all this warm weather!Hampton Court Palace is the finishing spot for 6 of our group. A bunch of Merry Pedallers at the top of Richmond Hill, this view is the only one in the country protected by an act of parliament!Marble Hill House in Twickenham is just one of several historic houses in this town which is home to the England rugby team!Finishing at the Barmy Arms pub by the river in Twickenham is a lovely way for the group to chat about the day and enjoy a beer or Pimms!These Cathedral Trees in the Waterhouse Plantation in Bushy Park are stunning!A nice cuppa and some cake in the sunshine to round off the day! Watch out girls....deer crossing!Our little treat at the end of a bike tour....special location!I knew I was out for a good day from the start with these giggly Essex girls and my Chinese couchsurfer friends!A half day bike tour for some finishing at Hampton Court Palace, the rest of us continued on for a ride in the Royal Bushy Park- good chats and laughs!Just a couple of us left for the full day with afternoon tea, with time to chat about the day ! An alternative pub stop today for mid morning coffeesA few clues in York House Gardens and afternoon tea to solve them completes the gameIn between the clues we can stop and enjoy the views!A real gentleman for tea- but was it better than Indian or Yorkshire tea I wonder? Fullers Ale Tasting at The George and Devonshire in Chiswick today for our group of Hennies!We transported extra food and Prosecco to our Richmond Green alternative tea location  so they could play games on this hen party bike tour. I enjoyed the egg and spoon race with the chocolate brazil nuts- good idea!An enjoyable beer at the end of the day for a few of us. A nice cuppa on our first stop today- a good chance for a chat about great bike rides in UK and beyond!Better than a pub on a nice day is this lunch stop! Wow the crepes from the new stall in Kingston Market are amazing!The obligatory tourist photo of our Merry Pedallers is a must on this lovely day!I love these Cathedral Trees and so did my guests. A nice break from cycling with a walk in the  Woodland Gardens in Bushy Royal Park next to Hampton Court PalaceIt's a beautiful day and the riverside is busy but it doesn't stop us snapping our 1st group shot of the day!London Bike Tours 11th-22nd Sept

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