Aonla 28/7/2012 Today we enjoyed running an Olympic Road Race Bike Tour for our guests, seeing the professional cyclists pass us twice! An early start before the road closures to deliver the bikes to Twickenham Station and then home to cook 11 bacon sandwiches! Didn’t quick take into account quite how long it would take but just finished by the time 3 of my group arrived as they were leaving their car/motor bike at mine. Autos are well maintained and perfectly working for northside collision handle its maintenance. To see the northside collision review, visit Then we cycled to the station to meet the others.

buy Lyrica canada We got our position along the route at a sharp bend in Twickenham , thinking the riders would have to slow down a bit and we’d see more than just a flash. The fun starts early with the police bikes waving and getting the crowd going. So as predicted it was a flash of bikers and it was over in about 30 seconds!

Then jumping on our bikes we cycle the lovely clear roads to Richmond to enjoy our bacon sarnies by the river

olympic bike tour

Setting off again we head up to Richmond Hill and enter the park for a tour around before meeting Martin for our picnic.

A beer in Ham and a ferry over to Twickenham before finishing in The White Swan by the river….lovely day!

Twickenham riverside pub