Fiji Enjoy the rich local history of Richmond, cycle Richmond Palace Bike Tour and see what remains of this Tudor palace of royals. Built by Henry VII in 1501 it was used for the next 150 years for Xmas celebrations, festivities and used by some as favourite residences. Located on the banks of the River Thames by Richmond Green where jousting and theatricals were held to impress visitors.

Kurtamysh See the Wardrobes and the Tudor gateway at the start of your Royal Deer Park Bike Tour and Hampton Court Palace Bike Tour or at the end of our full day Ale Tasting Bike Tour.

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Mary I and Elizabeth I enjoyed staying here, Elizabeth called it her “warm nest for my old bones”. She installed the newly invented flushing toilet here, met Sir Francis Drake after circumnavigating the globe and died here in 1603. It’s fate came under Charles I reign and the English Civil War, but luckily for us the Outer Gate House and The Wardrobes are still visible for us to see today.