Track World Cycling Velodrome London

Visiting the Olympic Village before the Olympics at the Track World Cycling Velodrome London.

Track World Cycling Velodrome LondonThe World Track Cycling London

Walking into the Velodrome we were overcome by firstly the heat.. a sultry 27 degrees is maintained to help the athletes, and the sight of the track really had the WOW factor!

We were seated at a high part of the track and you could stand and almost touch the cyclists, feeling the speed as they hit speeds of 60 km/hr on this scary 47 degree angled part!

Track World Cycling Velodrome London

2 nasty crashes meant urgent repairs had to be made whilst the cyclists continued around them.

I never knew there was so many different types of races involved and we only saw a few of them including the crazy pursuit where they ride 100 odd laps and every 10 laps they sprint, it lasts about 40 minutes!