We were really excited about London 2012.  The biking events were going to run right through our local area and The Olympic Bike Time Trials went through Twickenham and Richmond.

Aurogra to buy in canada All the roads in the area  were sectioned off by police….luckily it was a Sunday and most of the locals were more interested in watching than driving anywhere. A wait of about half an hour before the police bikes started coming through to warn everyone the cyclists were on their way….the police were waving and setting their sirens off getting the crowds really excited.

will-lessly Eventually 3 bikers came ahead first –  they had a 2 minute advantage to the others.  Then along come the rest….100 or so ….amazing!!  Lot’s of back up vehicles and press cars intermingled with them( get help with your business vehicle here).  They all have to slow down to get round the tight corner at Strawberry Vale….it was amazing there were no accidents!  It was all over in seconds obviously, but our day was not…off for breakfast in Twickenham before cycling up to Richmond Park to see them come through there.

Olympics Time Trials


Then it all happened again…more tooting and waving police, jubilant crowds and sweatybikers…..can’t wait for the real thing next year! 


Olympics Time TrialsOlympics Time Trials