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Eel Pie Island By Bike

We pass Eel Pie Island by bike on our Hampton Court Palace Bike Tour + Royal Deer Park Bike Tour. Request our full day Royal Deer Park Bike Tour, hop on a ferry after cycling Richmond Park and visit Eel Pie Island now home to artists, boat builders and rowing club.

Eel Pie Island so called because in the 16th Century a lady made Eel Pies here with such a good reputation that the first of the season was sent to Hampton Court Palace for the king or queen to taste.

Charles Dickens mentions the 'eating of potted shrimp' and the 'dancing to the music of the locomotive band'  on Eel Pie Island in Nicholas Nikleby. 

With a large hotel hosting the music of the day, in the 60's early young bands like the Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Eric Clapton and Screaming Lord Sutch, Rod Stewart, Black Sabbath and even David Bowie performed here. Unfortunately in the 70's a fire caused extensive damage and now a black of flats is in its' place but the music tradition remains with several pubs hosting music nights and summer festivals on the riverside.

Now a home to artists, it has a historic rowing club and boat yards, it is private but can be visited on certain open days.  After a full day Royal Deer Park Bike Tour you can enjoy the beautiful riverside pubs of Twickenham.

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