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Ted Lasso Bike Tours

The hit US sports comedy is filmed in and around London, many of the locations being passed on our bike tours. Based on a fictional football team Richmond, several of Richmond's sites are used for filming.


Our Royal Deer Park Ride + Hampton Court Palace Ride both start in Richmond and see the pub, phone boxes, street with apartment, The Green, Twickenham Bridge + Richmond Bridge.


Richmond Hill vista is seen on our Royal Deer Park Tour only.


  • Ted’s pub The Crown + Anchor is actually The Princes Head

  • Request our circular Royal Deer Park Bike Tour + finish with drinks at Ted’s local!

  • 9.5 Paved Court is Ted’s apartment (actually 11.5) -cute little pedestrian street can be explored.

  • Twickenham Railway Bridge + River Thames

  • Seen in Series 1 episode 3 Roy and Keeley meet to chat, mysteriously a telephone box appears and the pub name + picture is changed.

  • Richmond Hill features in Series 1 Episode 2 “Biscuits” Ted meets up with Keeley on Richmond Hill-the vista can be seen on our Royal Deer Park Bike Tour

  • Across the river from Richmond is Twickenham (my hometown!), we can push the bikes along cute pedestrian Church Street where Keeley and Roy walk with Phoebe and sit by the riverside in Series 2 Episode 1 'Goodbye Earl' with views of Eel Pie Island. Request a full day private tour to take the ferry across to Twickenham!

Richmond the home of Fictional AFC Richmond


In Series 2 Episode 2 Keeley and Roy meet in Twickenham by the riverside and walk down the pedestrian street Church Street, request a full day Royal Deerv Park Bike Ride adding a ferry across to Twickenham.

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