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Windsor Great Park is just 7 miles taxi ride from Heathrow Airport, so get in touch to arrange your bespoke Heathrow Stopover Bike Tour!

Heathrow Airport Layover Tours

If you have 4hrs+ between flights consider one of our private Heathrow Airport layover tours. Get out of the airport, stretch your legs and enjoy some fresh air on our circular Royal Deer Park Bike Tour. Enjoy cycling around the largest Royal Park of London an old royal hunting ground where deer roaming freely. Riverside return cycle for a pub finish where you can meet your taxi. Richmond Park is 6 miles from Heathrow airport, get out the airport for a cycle!

Royal Deer Park Ride-Richmond Station start (Zone 4)

We advise taxi to Richmond Station (20 mins) it is possible we can hold luggage for you between flights.

Or take a return taxi to Windsor and enjoy our Windsor Great Park Bike Tour a stunning 20km2 old royal hunting ground just 7 miles from Heathrow Airport. 

Windsor Great Park Bike Tour-Rangers Gate or Saville Gardens start.

Thanks to Holiday Kingdom for the mention Beat Heathrow Boredom-Take a Merry Pedaller Bike Tour’ and if you have a car look at Parkhero for airport parking.

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